Serving Native Communities

With Health Solutions

Healthy Lives & Connected Communities Through Tennis

“If you can make it on the courts, you can make it in life.  Tennis and Pickleball teach you what you need to be healthy and successful. We are committed to changing the predicted trajectories and interrupting the unsettling Native American wellness statistics.”

— Pete Peterson
Eastern Cherokee
Co-Founder of SLF

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Strategic Partners

We encourage and welcome Native-owned and run organizations and initiatives that aim to improve the lives of the Navajo people. We support what Serving Love Foundation aims to do – using tennis and pickleball to improve the wellbeing and economic vitality and resilience of the people of the Navajo Nation.

Wilson Stewart Jr., Council Delegate
24th Navajo Nation Council

Bring Tennis & Pickleball to Your Reservation

Through our program, not only will the kids learn tennis and pickleball, but they will be exercising, learning nutrition, gaining life skills, and becoming a part of a place where they belong and they matter.  In a culture that has suffered much, we love much. We are committed to health & wellness as well as preserving native identity and culture.

Create immediate impact on the staggering youth suicide numbers.

Interrupt the patterns that lead toward diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Train and educate young leaders setting them up for a bright future.

Our commitment to your community is 3-5 years.

Pillars of the Program



The power of healing in Native circles comes from promoting the determination, resilience and strengths of the indigenous peoples. Through stretching both our bodies and minds, Serving Love brings aspects of healing throughout its teachings.



People need to be physically active every single day. Serving Love works to provide environments that offer access to programs which promote people to grow, play and be active.



Natives understand the strength in human connection. For all, Serving Love works to promote a sense of belonging while connecting individual relationship to land, language through the traditions of story and metaphor.



Maintaining a nutritious diet still remains an issue for many Native Americans. As insufficient access to fresh and healthy food options continues to be a modern issue, Serving Love teaches the importance of making healthy choices.

Smash Mouth/Serving Love Foundation Fundraiser

Featuring Steve Harwell of Shrek’s theme song All-Star

Concert, Meet and Greet, and Auction

Meet Pete: Serving Love Co-Founder

The Coach of Coaches

Pete Peterson is a Native American Hall of Famer and Cherokee Tribal Member with a love for Tennis. Pete has years of vast experience playing and coaching across the globe with over forty-five years on the court. As a certified USPTA/PTR Elite Tennis Professional, Pete has served in a variety of roles in the tennis community, meeting each player where they are currently at. From winning a world championship to coaching a Wimbledon champion to leading local youth, Pete brings a unique mix of experience and skills to an elite level of tennis. He has served as a Director at the Hillcrest Country Club as well as a former Head Tennis Professional at the Boise Racquet and Swim Club for over 18 years prior to venturing into pickleball and nonprofit sector. In 2022, Pete’s pickleball skills came up to win the Idaho State Senior Games, got certified as a Professional by the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR), became a Selkirk Pickleball Advocate. Pete has introduced tennis and pickleball to over 600 students in 2022.

“If you can make it on the courts, you can make it in life.  Both tennis and pickleball  teach you what you need to be successful.”

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Help us shift the wellness realities in Native Communities.  Become a part of the prevention.

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