Staggering Health Stats

Serving a Solution

25% of Native Americans 18 and older are considered in fair or poor health. Native Americans have a life expectancy 5.5 years less than the population of other races in the U.S.  Our program is designed to disrupt these trends and change the trajectory of the health of Native American communities.

The health disparity between natives and other American populations is immense and troubling. Faced with these challenges, Native American community leaders  are seeking health and wellness solutions to preserve their respective culture and identity.


Decrease risk factors of heart disease.


Instill hope for future and descrease abuse of alcohol


Decrease diabetes numbers


Bring hope and healing for mental health issues


Decrease obesity and connected risks


Equipping young adults to dream and achieve

Health is Hope

Serving Love Foundation has created a program that addresses the daunting health trends within native communities while preserving culture and identity. Improving health while instilling life and leadership skills set up the native youth for a successful future of purpose.

Our 4 Part Program


Daily physical activity is essential to optimal health. SLF’s programs engage all ages and activity levels, encouraging them to have fun while getting exercise.


Utilizing tennis and racquet sports to make moving fun!


Drills and skills for eye hand coordination, agility and more.


Build mover confidence making them life long movers.


Strength and endurance for health heart, mind and body.

We use curriculum from Net Generation who created this video.


Many native communities struggle with insufficient access to fresh, healthy foods, making it difficult to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. SLF’s instructors instill the importance and health benefits of healthy eating decisions.


Learn the basics of using food as fuel.


Build a base of nutrition knowledge and ‘how to’s’.


Learn food and drink substitutes with more body benefits.


Empower kids to make healthy choices when give a choice.


Connection with one’s language, land and customs is woven into the fabric of native cultures. SLF’s programs incorporate cultural traditions and stories to promote an inclusive, welcoming environment where community members come together to learn, play and grow.


Providing a place to belong which is a basic human need. 


Building confidence and pride in their heritage.


Building a community and support system.


Providing consistent mentoring and relationship.


Native communities value and promote the power of healing. SLF’s programs build on this by teaching and reinforcing the power of resiliency, which is achieved through the stretching and strengthening of both body and mind.


1 consistent mentor relationship can build resilience in troubled kids.


Support and connection combat the feeling of being alone which prevents youth suicide.


Learning the power of the mind sets them up for a life of success and joy.


Redefine what is possible for their future instilling a sense of hope.

Our Process

Step 1

Discovery & Planning

Onsite, we listen for what resources are preexisting and who all may be interested in both tennis and pickleball on the reservation. We observe current cultural practices specific to each reservation to integrate into each custom, health and wellness program.

Step 2


Collaborating with a designated program manager on the reservation, we strategize an agreed upon annual health and wellness program to implement utilizing both tennis and pickleball. We help with logistics, training, and facilitating as a part of the next step which is implementation.

Step 3


Serving Love brings the necessary equipment and resources to conduct the agreed upon annual health and wellness program.  This includes resourcing and equipping people. We identify and train coaches from your reservation to become part of the team.

Step 4


Through ongoing, annual communications, Serving Love designs a program maintenance strategy to ensure the investment made in health and wellness is safeguarded and strengthened. We will help to continue to grow the program and makes adjustments best for you community.

We encourage and welcome Native-owned and run organizations and initiatives that aim to improve the lives of the Navajo people. We support what Serving Love Foundation aims to do – using tennis and pickleball to improve the wellbeing and economic vitality and resilience of the people of the Navajo Nation.

Wilson Stewart Jr., Council Delegate
24th Navajo Nation Council


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get this program on our reservation?

Fill out the interest form or contact Pete.

How can I become a coach?

Fill out the interest form and designate that you are interested in coaching.  We’ll get back to you!

What are the start up costs to bring this program onto our reservation?

Contact Pete to determine your needs. Cost will vary based on your goals, what assets you already have and what is available for building the program.

Youth are our future

Passion for Youth Finding Purpose

It’s too common in native communities across our nation and even into Canada to find youth who made a few bad decisions and then couldn’t find their way into a life of purpose. Two college bound highschool athletes find themselves expecting a baby. Life is immediately altered and they’re left not knowing what to do next.

Lack of vision, lack of hope, lack of resources leads to more poor decisions like abusing alcohol or getting involved with the wrong crowds. I want to find those kids BEFORE they find themselves in a troubling situation and even AFTER they feel stuck and help them find purpose. I am good at helping people become their best.

These programs are backed and created by people who are passionate about restoring the confident identity and health of the native communities across the country. We are committed to any reservations who are willing to partner. It’s a longterm relationship and we will invest and sow seeds until it’s grown into the strength of an oak.  We have passion for the purpose of your people.

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