Serving Love Foundation

Health Solutions Through
Tennis and Pickleball

The health and wellness statistics of Native Communities are staggering, but not insurmountable.  Serving Love Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on improving the health and wellness of Native American communities through racquet sports. We work closely with reservations and other leaders to create and implement programs tailored to the unique needs and culture of your community. 

From Flicker to Flame

Pete’s Passion for Teaching

Teaching is in his blood.  His grandmother, who is a Cherokee, taught in a one room schoolhouse.  Both his mom and his aunt were educators.  A teacher is wired to be a funnel…what they learn and receive they just have to give back out. They thrive on elevating others and giving them a platform to launch.

Pete strives to be the guide and mentor he needed as a youth. He can take a willing kid and help them become their best. He’s spent a lot of time in the ‘high performance’ world working with top tiered athletes. He had a strong desire to impact more than just the top tier which lead him to beginning this non-profit. He has a desire to reach the kids that are often overlooked.

At 13 years of age, Pete got serious about tennis. At 4’10” and 78 pounds, he knew football wasn’t going to be his course in life. His mother was a collegiate tennis athlete competing on the men’s team and is still in her alum’s Hall of Fame. With a serious dose of competitiveness and a fierce bravery to do what it takes to be the best, he went on to become a world class champion and Native American Hall of Famer.

“Tennis is a hard game. It’s a challenge.  If you can make it on the tennis courts, you’ll make it anywhere. I really just want to get behind kids and turn the flicker into a flame. I want them to become their best. That’s what I do. Tennis is just the path to that purpose.”

Crucial Collaborations

The U.S. Tennis Association has designated Serving Love as a chapter of the “National Junior Tennis and Learning Program”.

The Net Generation gives us access to resources, education and Net Generation curriculum for teaching kids of all ages and skill levels. 

The U.S. Professional Tennis Association is collaborating to build a native tennis professional presence through training coaches.

The Professional Tennis Registry is a global presence who is also collaborating to train up coaches for the native tennis professionals.

The U.S. Tennis Association Foundation is part of USPTA and work together to support Serving Love and our efforts.

 Dave Dantzer

The Serving Love Story

David Dantzer, a U.S. Professional Tennis Association teaching pro, first realized that American Indians were underrepresented in tennis.  That’s what urged him to create Standing Tall Tennis in 1995.

In 8 years+ timeframe, 3,000+ Native children and adults from all over Indian country have been introduced to the sport through Standing Tall Tennis. 

It wasn’t just a tennis program; it was a program that encouraged them to “stand-up and be proud of who you are.”  In addition to learning the basics of tennis, participants also learned life lessons like teamwork, concentration, sportsmanship, dedication and goal setting. 

Dave’s drive and pioneering spirit birthed the model that Serving Love Foundation was created under. Dave and Pete had crossed paths a few times, but really connected when Pete’s desire to take tennis to Native countries grew.  Dave said he had been praying for someone to take on the mission he had been carrying.  He felt like Pete was that answer and handed off the baton which is what Serving Love Foundation is today. 

Vision for Impact


We want to inspire the Native youth to see what is possible for their lives. By providing leadership training, mindset training as well as other educational resources, we can encourage kids to go to college, live healthy and find purpose.


While the statistics show what already has happened and is happening in the area of health in Native communities, we want to interrupt those patterns and be part of a preventative solution. We want Indigenous youth to become healthy adults.


The Native culture, language and identity has been threatened for years. We will foster a place and platform that supports opportunities for the culture to flourish as well as create a place of belonging for overlooked youth.


Through education and resources, we will equip students not only with tennis skills, but with the practicals for healthy life habits. By training kids and giving them practical tools, we will empower them for a successful life.

Serving Love Foundation