Become a Coach

A job that inspires

Coaching as a Career

We partner with the PTR and PPR to provide the training needed to become either a tennis or pickleball coach.

Interested in Coaching?

It Might Be Right For You If:

If the following things describe you, this could be a great fit!

You enjoy working with kids.

You are passionate about health and wellness.

You get excited to help others succeed.

You enjoy being active and having fun doing it!

You are patient and a good communicator.

You like the idea of getting paid to play!

You know you don’t want a just a  J-O-B.

Coaching is a Great Career

The Coach Perks

Be a Part of a Collaborative Team

Your Training is Paid for

Gain leadership skills

Play a Game for your job

Be a part of a solution

Inspire youth with hope and purpose

Get Certified

The first part of your training is a 25-hour online course that will be paid for if you are selected.  You’ll learn “how” to teach. While it’s tennis specific material, the principles are applicable in all arenas that you would have a role as a “coach.” There are videos, reflection, and review tests.

The 2nd part of your training would be hands on with Pete and his team and participants from the USPTA and the USPTR to learn “what” to teach.

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Become a Coach

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